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3-in-1 Car Cane Handle Auto Hand Grip with Flashlight, Seat Belt Cutter Glass Breaker Mobility Standing Aid
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The portable car handle is the ultimate automotive safety tool.

It can get out of your car easily and safely! The car handle is perfect for people with arthritis, hip pain, or any other issue that makes getting in and out of the car a struggle.

It locks into your car door creating a secure handle to help provide leverage and support while getting out of the car.

It offers a nonslip grip and can support up to 200 KG

Its convenient size means it fits perfectly into your glove box!

The car handle also features additional safety features, including a flashlight, seat-belt cutter and window breaker.

It is a must-have in every car!

Flashlight on night-The car handle flashlight can use for night to get out of the car and in the case of an emergency.

Seat Belt Cutter-The car handle comes with a convenient seat belt cutter in case of an emergency.

Window Breaker-The nose of the car handle can be used to safely and easily break a car window or windshield in the case of an emergency


Material: Steel and Fiber

Product Size: 18 x 12 x 7 cm

Suitable for: Home, Car, Office, Etc

Package including:-

1 x Car Handle