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Orthotic Toe Straightener Gel Silicone Separator Spreaders Hammer Toe Bunion Orthotic Toe Straightener Gel Silicone Separator Spreaders Hammer Toe Bunion
2-3 Days
Description:Small and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry.The toe straighteners gently help to relieve bunion pain from bent toes, hammer toes and hallux valgus.The side flap keeps shoes from rubbing along the sensitive skin of the bunion.Made of high quality durable -grade silicone gel,..
Ex Tax:₹189.75
This fully-equipped, folding cane features an extra-wide, pivoting head designed for perfect balance on most surfaces, including gravel, sand and snow. The cane even stands by itself when left unattended. The folding design makes it convenient for travel, while the built-in forward and downw..
Ex Tax:₹598.50
This Blind Fold and Sleep Mask is soft and comfortable. It is made up of mulberry silk. It helps you get a complete and peaceful sleep and also helps while meditating.The texture of the blindfold is super smooth to touch. It is comfortable and feels so soft when you put it on.It supports sound sleep..
Ex Tax:₹247.00
Material: Nylon Color: Black Half folded size(L x W): approx 30 x 15cm / 11.81 x 5.91 inch Breathable, soft and comfortable to wear With adjustable paste closure, fits most men and women Face shape design, nose portion of an aluminum sheet secured to prevent slipping The active carbon filters are ef..
Ex Tax:₹647.85
Here is the 5 in 1 battery beauty care massager. It operated by 2xaa batteries (not included), have 5 accessories. Feature: crude polish accessory: to rip the tough skin and cut in off. Latex soft sponge for eye, cheek massaging. Make -up sponge: to massage and clean your skin. Rolling massager:..
Ex Tax:₹383.25
Description:Gently remove makeup and surface oils, or the short- or long-bristle brushes for deeper cleaning and mild exfoliation.Exfoliates and massages your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.The rapid spinning action effortlessly cleans your skin and gently removes dead skin cells to give you a glo..
Ex Tax:₹347.00
Remove unwanted hair from facial, neck, eyebrow and body hair.Give you safe and precise grooming without having to worry of cutting yourself with a razor or poking yourself with scissors.Easily removes even the shortest, toughest hair to get sexy smooth skin in an instant.Great for nose, ear, eyebro..
Ex Tax:₹312.00
Painless Facial Body Hair Remover Trimmer Epilator for Women Painless Facial Body Hair Remover Trimmer Epilator for Women
2-3 Days
This Hair Remover Trimmer is the Best Choice For You and its much better than any hair removal cream .This facial hair remover for women Is Sleek And Discreet. The Mini Pocket Style face hair remover Is Specially Designed For Elegant and Fashionable Ladies, The Look and Design of this Hair Remover A..
Ex Tax:₹288.75
This is a Pain Free Hair Remover that uses advanced Sensa-Light technology to remove hair from desired area. No more painful or smelly hair removal methods. No more nicks, cuts, bumps or burns. How to Use: It has Move power switch to "ON" position (toward the Sensa-Light head) Power LED Flashes when..
Ex Tax:₹407.00
Personal Body Fat Tester Caliper Accurate Measure Tape Keep Health Analyzer Personal Body Fat Tester Caliper Accurate Measure Tape Keep Health Analyzer
2-3 Days
Description: Use this fat caliper to constantly monitor your fat level. This handy caliper is made of sturdy abs material and will enable you to watch your health on the go. To measure the upper arm, put your right arm shoulder peak radial head to the attachment point, namely the triceps muscle bel..
Ex Tax:₹217.95
Mini Massager is a powerful, hand-held massager to stimulate pressure points and relax stiff muscles and nerves. A massage from it results in instant rejuvenation and extreme relaxation with enhanced blood circulation. Its high-frequency points can massage the temples, and other brain points to eli..
Ex Tax:₹194.00
With this Neckline Slimmer Massager, you can tighten and tone your neck, cheek and chin, and look years younger with just 2 minutes a day! This revolutionary anti-aging system uses progressive resistance to gently firm underlying neck muscles while simultaneously tightening your skin for a dramatic ..
Ex Tax:₹299.25
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