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Dropshipping4U is a pure dropshipping company. Unlike most other dropship models, you are dealing directly with us only, instead of with multiple suppliers. If you are a seller on any Indian marketplaces or you have your own website, then you can resell our products on your store. You do not need to buy goods or invest in them in advance. You simply decide the selling price and list our products as if they belong to you. You only pay for products that you sell to paying customers. Once you receive an order, we will fulfill and ship it directly to your end-customer. The package will show your company name.

a. Please sign up for a Dropshipping4U account and login.
b. Browse and subscribe the products which you are interested to resell. You can toggle on/off subscription by clicking the product’s heart shape icon.
c. These subscribed products will go to your "Subscribed" page where you can export the product information in Excel format. Our spreadsheet is already customized for. If you want to sell on other platforms, then you may need to re-arrange the columns and edit the headers accordingly.
d. Then simply re-upload the spreadsheet to your store and start reselling.

If you have authorized us integrate with your Amazon via API, then the inventory will be updated automatically. When a product goes out of stock, it will automatically become inactive in your store, and vice versa. At this moment, it is not possible to sync our inventory with other platforms and we suggest that you export and re-upload the stock to your store every few days.

You do not need to buy goods or invest in them in advance. You only pay us when you receive an actual order. We sell to you at wholesale price, with no minimum order quantity requirement. For your convenience, we have an E-Wallet system which you have to top-up and we will deduct automatically from your account before we fulfill each order. So please make sure that your E-Wallet has a healthy balance to avoid disruption of dropship service. At the beginning of every month, we will send you the consolidated GST invoice of the previous month.

Dropshipping is collaborating with FEDEX, Bluedart and some well-known logistics providers to make sure the shipment is reliable.

It will take 4-5 working days to receive your order.

A - Return, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Return Policy

We do not accept returns from you or from your buyer. All items shipped out are considered sold to you and if your buyer changes his mind or dislikes the item (or its quality), then it depends on your own store policy whether to accept returns from them or not. This is between you and your buyer only. Please do not use our warehouse address as the return address.

The only exception is in the case of RTO (Return to Origin) by the courier. This could be due to undeliverable address or refusal of package. The package must be unopened and with its original address label. We will refund you 100% if we receive the physical package or if the courier’s online tracking information indicates that it has been returned to us.

Refund Policy

Although we do not accept returns, but we will refund you 100% if your buyer can provide enough proof for the following situations:

-Damaged upon receipt.

-Defective item.

-Shipped wrong item, wrong color, or wrong size, etc.

-Lost or very late delivery (exceeding 20 days).

We will partial refund you or reship for the following situations:

-Shipped wrong quantity.

-Missing item in order. Please note that sometimes we may split an order into multiple packages and we need to verify that all packages are delivered before concluding that an item is missing.

The courier’s tracking information is our only proof that a package is delivered or not. We will refund you 100% if it indicates failure of delivery or RTO. On the other hand, we will not refund you at all if it indicates successful delivery, even if your buyer says that he has not received it.

We process refund by crediting to your Dropshipping4u E-Wallet.

Cancellation Policy

We process orders very quickly and it may not always be possible to intercept an order for cancellation. If we can intercept it, then we will cancel the order and refund you 100%. Otherwise, we will deny the cancellation and proceed with shipping and no refund.

However, a workaround is to ask your buyer to refuse the package at the time of delivery and we will refund you 100% if there is proof of “RTO Delivered”.

Cancel Membership

You may downgrade to the free “Starter Plan” at any time and we will not charge you subsequently. We do not provide partial refund for unused portion of the Monthly Plan. The balance in your E-Wallet can be returned to you after settlement of all orders.

Go to the order detail page and click the “open a ticket” button to submit your issues.

A. Our membership structure has 3 plans:
• “Silver Plan" is 2999 INR/month. This is ideal if you need more time to learn at your own pace and be familiar with our system or if you have a smallstore which you can manage manually.
• “Gold Plan" is 4999 INR/month. This is the most popular plan
among Indian resellers who are serious about dropship business. It
includes API integration with your store which is important for
• “Diamond Plan" is 6999 INR/month. We recommend this to big
resellers. You can subscribe and sell unlimited number of SKU's.