10 Things to know before starting a Dropshipping store

Dropshipping Business is one of the best and low-cost investment business for anyone, especially for millennials, so when we think about any e-commerce business dropshipping strikes to our mind.

As in Earth there are 7,714,576,923population

Good thing Is only a few lakhs know about this term and actually doing business in it

So here comes the golden opportunity for those who want to start their own business and wanted to enter this new business world

earth Population

So before that, You need to know what exactly dropshipping is

So before starting anything, we need to know the causes it brings to us in future

Let’s just take an example

Let’s suppose  you are going on a trip to abroad to options you have

Option 1 You booked all your need s in advance, your flight tickets, your visa, your hotel, your tours over there, your meals, your return tickets.

Option 2 You book tickets one day before  going there (It’s damn expensive), you booked a hotel after reaching there(searching here and there to choose the one you actually like ) you booked your meal (by roaming here and there searching for the right restaurant  )

So which one do you prefer Think

Obviously the 1st one why??

The answer is but obvious because we don’t want to waste our time, energy, effort and money doing wrong things.

So that’s why before starting a drop shipping store we are here going to discuss all the things you want to know before getting started

1.Research Research!!


A most important part of any business is to analyze all the aspects that they need to get started there are various things on which we need research before getting started with drop shipping

  1. Business research: – The business you are dealing with is e-commerce business, as dropshipping comes under e-commerce business, so do case studies analyze each and every important aspect learns from other mistakes.
  2. Niche research: – Being niche specific is way better than working in a fully fleshed store, choose a niche that is most profitable by doing research and start listing products on it
  3. Product research: – which are top trending products during the time you start to drop shipping and what are hot selling products that lie under your selected niche.
  4. Competitor research: – check on the websites and competitors that are dealing with the same type of niche as yours, what kind of website layout they have, which products they are selling and more

2. Better to Go with a niche store:

niche specific

Let’s suppose you want to buy sportswear ??

What strikes on your mind first ??

A website or brand that is specifically targeted towards sportswear example Nike

Like that you need to implement this strategy on your store as well, always remind the fact there’s huge competition in the online market and you are competing with some big brands

So if you are niche specific it means you narrow down your competition.

And its really helpful if you have a categorized product list, How??

Doing optimization takes a lot of time search Engine optimization is something on which you need to put most efforts on, so if you are niche specific it is easier for you to rank on search engine

Also, it helps you to target the most suitable audience

Because you want someone who will buy, not just visit your store and didn’t buy anything.

3. Take advantage of Google trends to pick your niche.

trends google

Why someone buys your product??

The answer is if your product is in demand people will definitely buy that product

And if people buy that product you got profit out of it

How to find the products that are in demand

Google always has the answers of almost all thing and Google developed a tool that will help you to do so GOOGLE TRENDS

It’s free of cost you just need to enter the product and the time period and it shows you how many people are searching for those particular products at the given time period.

It shows all the result ups and downs of the product cycle keeping this thing in mind you will choose the products that are in high demand and it will help you establish your store to great heights.

4. Products that you don’t dropship

4. Products that you don’t dropship

Droshipping is a convenient way to sell products without taking care of the inventory, stock, and packaging and delivering.

So you being a drop shipper need to remember one thing that there Is Supplier or a  dropshipping company that handles all the things that packaging delivery and other stuff at the back end, so there would be extra charges and some time consequences that you need to bare.

Which products you shouldn’t dropship

  1. Heavy products: these products are not only are heavy to lift, but they also cause difficulties in delivering and shipping of heavy products are expensive as well
  2. Fragile products: if the product is damages=d customer returns the product and it causes harm to your trust as well as on your profit, so better to stay away from fragile products as the possibility of damage on the way of delivery is highly more.
  3. Products having copyrights: Everyone wants to buy branded products but if you don’t have authentication and legal papers ready to sell that product then don’t choose copyrighted products to sell, it cause some big legal issues in your business, so a big no-no to Copyrighted products.

5. Choose the Right Supplier:

mockup dropshipping4u

Supplier plays a vital role in your dropshipping Business

If you choose your supplier wisely it may either skyrocket your business or just drop down every bit of your online business.

Choose Wisely there are lots of supplier key players Aliexpress,  Dropshipping4u and many more

With Aliexpress you need to connect with Shopify, But dropshipping4u provide you ease to connect with any market place, Shopify, your own website

Few Simple steps to success

  1. Visit dropshipping4u.com
  2. Register there
  3. Choose the product category or directly search for any products
  4. Lots of wholesale products
  5. Choose them to put huge margins
  6. Sell those products on market place or either on Your website
  7. Huge profit earned through margins

All the Inventory, stock, Packaging and Delivering Must be taken care by Dropshipping4u

Bonus: Brand name is yours.visit

6. Analyze and optimize

Analyze and optimize

Analyzing the competition and the targeted audience and the various channels from where your audience come to your website will actually help you to grow your business even to more heights

For this purpose, you have some free tools such as Google analytics and For Social Media, you have Facebook pixels, these tools help you keeping track of all the information you want to know about your business.

Keeping track of all the information of your paid ads and SEO will eventually lead to more conversions and profit.

7. Make a customer Acquisition plan:

Make a customer Acquisition plan:

It’s good to have a nice website and having good products, but it is of no use if no one buys the products from your website or your e-commerce channel

For Customer Acquisition You need to target the audience through campaigns, 

It may either be google campaign or either you use facebook campaign it allows customers to know what you are selling and what your business is all about. 

Applying these things you will grab customer attention.

8. Strong Refund Policy

8. Strong Refund Policy

Lots of benefits of having refund policies as it will help you from chargebacks and other legal disputes

Take examples of big players in the market and set up refund policy keeping those things in mind

When Making refund policy mention the refund is only for broken and damaged products

Having a clear refund policy allows your customer to exactly understand what condition is applied on your store to get a refund and certainly, it protects your store from any legal issues as well

9. don’t Give Up if you have low sales or no sales in the beginning

9. don’t Give Up if you have low sales or no sales in the beginning

The mistake that most of dropshhipper did was they give up too soon

In the beginning, it takes lots of time effort energy research to get the result you want.

How will you improve it tips and tricks

  1. Before starting check and analyze each and everything from website layout to product descriptions and images and check does it look appealing to the eyes of the customer
  2. If you have fewer sales use PPC (Pay per Click )campaign on your website so that you will target the audience who are actually looking to buy the product
  3. Check which products are in demand and set up your store keeping all things in mind

10. Money makes more Money

10. Money makes more Money

This saying is so true if you are investing money on your online business you will definitely get returns on it

There are a various scenario where you need to

Paid campaigns

Items and product purchase

But these things will increase the profit by getting returns on the money you invested in a few small things