10 Tips you need to Know Before starting dropshipping

Dropshipping Tips

What is Dropshipping??

If you are not familiar with dropshipping, don’t worry you are not alone, it is actually a newly introduced concept globally. It’s an online retail fulfillment business opportunity.

Simple Language

Simple Explanation

It allows you to sell products online. But you don’t have any product to sell online, don’t worry wanted to know how it works??

  1. You need to make either a website or either register to marketplace such as Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify and more  
  2. After that, you need to connect with a Dropshipping company.
  3. You choose products from dropshipping company’s website and simply list those products either on your website or either onto marketplace such as Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify.
By this you fulfill your product supply.

Question is How you Earn Money through this ??

  1. It’s like copy-pasting, You choose products from dropshipping website
  2. Dropshipping website provides products in wholesale price
  3. You Put margin on those products according to your own and then list the same product on your website or either on your marketplace.
  4. Customer places order on your website or either on the marketplace then all margin is yours and  you pay the Dropshipping Company  the wholesale amount
  5. Dropshipping Company will do packaging and delivering from your end But Brand name is yours.

Now as you know what exactly is dropshipping now we will discuss its tips and tricks.

Tips and tricks for new Dropshippers

1.Presentable Website or Choose the right Marketplace to sell.

Presentable website

Website: If you want to sell products on your website, then keep in mind make your website user-friendly and easy to use. Take references from other websites. So that you implement few techniques on your website.

Focus on presentation make a website layout that is responsive in each aspect if someone uses it in PC or laptop or on phone and tablet it needs to be responsive.

Make a good and responsive landing page (Home Page).

Market place: Research is the most important part in each and every way, so do research which marketplace best suits you and best for you, there are various websites like Amazon,  Flipkart, Shopify. Choose the best by doing research according to the niche in which you want to grow your business.


Niche: it is the category that you choose eg.

( Clothing, Electronics)

2. Normal vs Niche selected store

Earn Through dropshjipping

If you started with all the categories as a normal store you need to put all the effort to make it presentable and add a lot of different products to all the categories it is kind of difficult to do that in beginning 

So what you will do in starting is pick a Niche “ A Single category” let’s say electronics add different sections in electronics such as

1. Consumer Electronics

2. Home and kitchen Electronic Products

3.Mobile and Devices

Master one niche then start dealing in others that will really help you boost your business…

Be Niche Specific then only you will able to succeed in the drop shipping business.

3.Brand Name :

Branding Focus

Choose a brand name that sticks to customers minds and also creates your brand identity and logo on the point one that is customer centric.


People love good graphics and logo and brand is your brand identity it will stick to you till the end, so do focus on these little things it is helpful

4.Import Only few products in starting

Few Products for Dropshipping

Its like quality over quantity, when I started with first dropshipping store about 6 years ago I made a huge mistake that I imported more than 200 products in a day, as I am excited to start my new business.

But soon I realize my mistake as when you start your dropshipping store you need to list products either on marketplace or either on your website, so for that you need to add good descriptions of products and sometime images contains logo of other brands so to edit those images take time.


So, start with a little amount, start with 40 to 50 products and add great descriptions and images. These are the key elements that attract customers towards your products 

6.Be Active Daily

Be active daily

Being an Entrepreneur need time and efforts in the beginning, it requires hard work and smart work at the same time.

Divide things in such a organized manner that it helps you grow your business fast

Marketing: Give at least 2 hours on Marketing

Sales: Analyze the sales ups and down what is best suited at best time choose the right audience to target


Customer:  Customers are always king provide them full support respond to there queries as soon as possible  

 7 Avoid underpricing your Products:

Avoid Underpricing

The Mistake most beginners did was that they underprice their products only due to competition,

All we need to understand is that underpricing harm your benefits only, and it results in closing your e-commerce business because, in the end, everyone is there for Profit. And due to it you, unfortunately, go under debt by not paying the sufficient amount of salary that they deserve

So if you got the product at INR100/- per unit put Margin of at least INR 200/-. You need to consider the charges of your Business expenses, marketing and Hiring a team.


Don’t think what other brands are charging, just make sure you provide the best customer support.

8 Be the Master In Marketing:


The more you focus on Marketing more you get the sale. More sales mean more profits you earn.

Marketing is the key to any Business, making brand awareness is the most important thing in branding, so if you did target marketing and reaching out to people who exactly search for the relatable products, then your chance of sales become higher than expected


Paid Ads and Search engine Optimization Drags more sales tour website, and more the traffic you have means chances of sales conversion is also high. Creating a blog post and product page optimization will help you for long term scenarios as it gives you more traffic without spending much amount on paid ads.

9.Analyze your Competitor:


Keep track of what your competitor does, observing their strategies and analyzing their website and social media. checking what factors derive more traffic to there store helps you to grab more traffic on your website as well.


 By Analysing their content and checking what works best for them you implement even better strategies to your business and make more out of it.

10 Customer Service :

Customer is the king

The customer is always the king, and if you provide the best customer support then definitely you will get more good results out of it.

 Making a customer base is the most important thing in any business, provide them exceptional customer support. Listen to there queries and respond to there queries as fast as you can


Through this, you will soon get a customer base and start getting more customers from there reference as well.